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University of Bayreuth.

Partners & Friends of the University – the Univerein

The Univerein was established in 1970 with the aim of strengthening the University of Bayreuth and providing new ideas and material support for its further development.  Today the Univerein concentrates on the following areas in an effort to help further the University:

  • Support research and teaching in cases where sufficient public funding is not immediately available
  • Support the University’s overall development and keep the University well-connected in the region of Northeast Bavaria 
  • Maintain the University’s contacts with the residents of Bayreuth and Northeast Bavaria and contribute to student life 

We are a strictly non-profit organization.

Dr. Michael Hohl

"I am delighted about the trust our members have placed in me and look forward to working for my alma mater. Together with the board team, I would like to make the Univerein fit for the future. To do this, its anchoring in regional society must be further strengthened and younger generations in particular must be addressed more strongly. I would like to expressly thank my predecessor Horst Eggers for his very successful work. I would like to dynamically develop and expand the association, which is so important for the University of Bayreuth, in his spirit."

Dr. Michael Hohl, Chairman (Universitätsverein Bayreuth e.V.)

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