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Bodies of the Univerein

The two bodies of the Univerein are the General Assembly and the Executive Board.  

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest body in the organization, and is responsible for the following duties according to the by-laws:

  • Addressing matters of fundamental importance
  • Amendments to by-laws
  • Election of Executive Board and Auditor
  • Recipient of the Executive Board’s progress report, financial reports, and auditor’s report
  • Supporting the Executive Board
  • Passing resolutions on matters as described in the by-laws

Executive Board

Operational activities are managed by the duly elected Executive Board. The Executive Board also makes decisions regarding funding requests. It is made up of the following members:

  • Chairman: Horst Eggers (Former Managing Director of HWK)
  • Deputy Chairman: Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible (President of the University of Bayreuth)
  • Treasurer: Georg Riesner (Sparkasse Bayreuth)
  • Secretary: Dr. Michael Hohl (Attorney)
  • Alumni Representative: Dr. Stefan Arnold (Attorney)
  • Dr. Harald Franz (Notary)
  • Karl Fleischer (Entrepreneur)
  • Thomas Koller (Managing Director of HWK)
  • Dr. Herta Ziegler (Entrepreneur)

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