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Universitätsverein Bayreuth e. V.

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Join our network!

As a member of Bayreuth’s Univerein – the University’s friends, sponsors, and alumni – your membership dues will help fund projects being pursued by the University and its members.  Joining the Univerein is easy: simply fill out the membership form.

Membership benefits

Your membership in the Univerein not only allows you to stay in contact with your alma mater, it also helps you stay abreast of the latest events organized or – thanks to your support – funded by the Univerein. You will get an inside look at the work of our organization and the University. 
As a member, you will also be eligible to take advantage of University Sport at the University of Bayreuth, a right that is otherwise reserved for members of the University. 

General Meeting & Fees

You will be invited to the General Meeting at least once a year, where the chairman provides an in-depth report on the issues facing the Univerein and the University.

Below you will find the annual membership fees for the Univerein:

  • Normal fee: € 50
  • Fee for married couples: € 70
  • Fee for companies, communities, and associations: € 200
  • Fee for pupils, students, apprentices, etc.: € 15

Naturally, we gladly accept any other voluntary donations.

Donation Receipts

German tax authorities do not generally require any special confirmation beyond evidence of the bank transfer for donations of up to € 200. That also helps us save on postage. However, upon request we will gladly send you a letter of confirmation. You will automatically receive a letter of confirmation for donations over € 200 as long as you provide the necessary information such as your name and address.

Webmaster: Nico Schmidtner

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